Our constant concern for the environment

The constant concern for the environment has led to the installation of a modern biological water and effluent treatment system, aimed at reusing the water used in production processes.

This was one of the reasons why the tannery was awarded the Gold Seal in accordance with the LWG (Leather Working Group) Environmental Protocol, which encourages the adoption of best practices and establishes guidelines for tanneries' environmental responsibility and performance.

The Protocol consists of several sections, including material traceability, energy and water consumption, production processes, waste management, effluents, emissions, permits and restricted substances, among others.

The tannery is evaluated by applying the best practices in each section, which results in the final score. A. Bühler will spare no effort to implement continuous improvements that will result in increasingly better scores in the Environmental Protocol and will continue to work as an environmentally responsible company, as sustainability is a valuable principle for the A. Bühler family.