Fall Winter


The A. Bühler Tannery 2024 Fall/Winter collection, "Human and Artificial Intelligence: Interaction in Evolution” is an ode to the growing relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. As technology continues evolving, humans increasingly integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their daily lives. This collection celebrates that evolution, exploring the relationship between humans and AI through varied styles and finishes. 

When it comes to human relationships, emotional understanding and empathy for others will be key consumer drivers in 2024, and this will be reflected in pastel tones that can be used to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

As, in the human realm, consumers gain a broader understanding of environmental issues, colors will increasingly align with sustainable and long-term tones, as seen in the rise of mid- and neutral tones.

In contrast, technology will continue to blur the lines between the digital and the physical, and colors that move seamlessly between these two worlds will remain bold. Hyper bright and highly stimulating tones reflect the need for creativity, optimism, and an irresistible desire to rekindle the imagination.

We also see the return of dark tones and metallics, which remain steadfast in the coming season, representing technological elements, influence, and curiosity in unraveling the role of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

This collection celebrates technology and how artificial intelligence is changing the way we interact with the world around us. After all, stripped of the physical world’s limitations, we can allow our creativity to flow freely through a profusion of colors and shapes from the digital world unfolding before us.