Spring Summer


Inspired by resilience and the post-pandemic revival, A. Bühler's 2025 Spring-Summer Collection marks the beginning of a new era in fashion. And this innovative phase is certainly not characterized by restrictive trends. On the contrary, it is guided by a diverse tapestry of styles and dynamism, encouraging a vision of the future filled with innovation and great expectations.

We are focused on harmonizing reality through the construction of imaginary worlds, developing narratives that transport us beyond the present, shaping individual imagination and creativity. We return to optimism, to the "core", a feeling translated into items with exceptional finishes and energetic, versatile tones.

This season, products stand out through their excellence. Forged through unique experience and a keen perception of the global market, they offer a wealth of possibilities for leather in an array of segments.

We are proposing an exploratory journey of new perspectives, inspired by a study of the most influential fashion shows in the world. This incredible journey begins in New York, passes through London, gains momentum in Milan and reaches its apex in Paris.

This Collection mirrors the global reality, urging the various brands to innovate their designs with a more optimistic proposal. It symbolizes the synergy between practicality and innovation, where each piece manifests the fundamental essence of our central theme, the core.