Fall Winter

Where Are We Headed Tomorrow?

This season, we’re turning to youth fashion and lifestyle to inspire our 2023 Fall/Winter Collection.

Time is subtext and not linked to a specific age, but rather a period of life: young adulthood. Our collection delves into a perceivable, fleeting and decisive moment when everything comes to light, with all of its innocence and insight: the impermanence and appealing volatility of adolescence.

We have channeled the sensation of youthful experimentation and its uncertainties and multipliers, just like adolescents who blend concepts and styles to each create their own with a unique intent: to belong.

Randomness is the focal point of this process: freedom is everything, there are no directives or obstacles. Nostalgia and the desire to live something new and to be inspired by the colors and textures of our adolescence provide a clear message: the world keeps turning and youth – present and past – is constantly creating cultures.

We’ve put this nostalgia to use. It may trigger a sense of melancholy, reminding us that youth and inconstancy are ephemeral, there is nothing as powerful as the inspiring idealism of adolescence, always filled with hope for the future [and] for a better world to serve as inspiration.

To this end, we’re not looking back, instead we’re looking forward.

Where are we headed tomorrow?