Spring Summer

Cali Summer

In summer 23/24, the A. Bühler Tannery looked to the Golden State for inspiration during the most colorful season of the year, with a proposal that celebrates a way of life, a mixture of courage, glamour and vital energy, promoting a fluid collection, like the music of our beloved Lulu Santos:

The wind kisses my hair

The waves lick my legs

The sun embraces my body

My heart sings happily

California is infinitely inspiring, full of natural wonders, from richly forested mountains to open deserts and sandy ocean beaches. In addition to having an amazing diversity of people and cultures, with much to experiment.

A perfect blend of modernity and craftsmanship. An ethos that we are excited to bring, and use to present a collection that expresses a positive attitude, that looks forward and embraces the future…

We focus our color chart on earthy tones and shades that we find in the sunny landscapes of the Golden State. The various blues and reds were inspired by the sky of Los Angeles at dusk, while the greens translate the natural riches of a state full of diversity.

Allow yourself to be taken to the misty shores, streets lined with palm trees, and desert roads in this illuminated place, and add some California sunshine to your summer 23/24!